Social Latin

Salsa On 1 

This course is designed for the dancer looking to learn the basics and be able to do dance in light social settings. Our program is unique and provides a great body of moves at the beginner and advanced beginner levels, utilizing an assortment of steps and moves from the Cuban, Colombian and Puerto Rican Styles of Salsa.

Beginner Level I

  1. Basic Step (Forward and Back, Side Step and In Place)
  2. Cross Overs During Side To Side Basics
  3. Guapea
  4. Mambo Step

Beginner Level II

  1. Basic Right Turns For Leads & Follows
  2. Suzy Q
  3. Basic Enchulfa


Modern Bachata 

  1. Basic Steps and Turn
  2. Basic Forward and Back
  3. Open and Closed Holds (Basic Cuddles and Wraps)
  4. Close Hold Turns
  5. Simple Syncopations and Hesitation Steps